A secure and powerful Data Management System operating from a single industry standard Client/Server database.

The system instantly communicates your message to your customers when you want it from your computer to their mobile phone with no delay.


Personalised Messages:
Personalise messages by title; first name; surname or category

Delayed Message Sending:
Delay sending messages for up to seven days

Birthday Club:
Reward your customers on their birthday

Personalised Senders Name:
Instead of a number at the top of the text message, personalise it with the name of your premises/venue and change it yourself very simply at any time

No Message Delays:
All messages are routed through a gateway provider, ensuring fast delivery to all Irish networks

Categorise your customers into different categories, so to target them more efficiently

Choose the contacts you wish to communicate with by category, age range or birthday or any mix of all three

Individual Text Message:
You can send an individual text message to any one of your contacts instantly

Text Messages:
Write and save all your text messages for any further use

Contact Search:
Find any contact by name or mobile number instantly

Log File:
A detailed record of all texts sent

Secure Data:
Your data is held only on your computer, and not on any other

Import Data:
Import all your contacts from either a CSV file or a spreadsheet, saving duplication of data entry

Back Up Data:
Back up data safely on either a CD Rom or a USB stick in case of computer failure

This is included in the package

Increase your business!

Get your message to your customers instantly!

SMS Texter
SMS Texter



"We have been using Abbeycrest Traders SMSTexter software since 2007. It is a fantastic piece of software that I actually can't see myself without any more. It has been a Godsend for communicating directly with our customers. It's completely user friendly and the price of texts is extremely low. Giving customers an option to text in or out ensures that we are getting our message to customers that want to hear about us. Abbeycrest Traders are extremely dedicated and helpful with training in how to use the software. Any queries are always dealt with immediately and efficiently. I would definitely recommend SMSTexter."

Sinead O'Mahony
PR & Marketing Manager, Reardens Bar & Havana Browns Nightclub, Cork

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