Every time a customer swipes their loyalty card they are awarded loyalty points. When they reach a pre determined amount, the printer automatically prints out their loyalty bonus voucher, which they sign and return to the Operator. Then the bonus is then given to them. This is to eliminate staff cash fraud. It also removes Back Office administration and cost by not having to post out Vouchers like the Supermarkets, etc.

You enter the Customers/Members details, scan a Loyalty/Membership card or print a barcode that can be affixed onto any item, such as a mobile phone and now they are a Loyalty Member.

You can reward different types of customers with different amounts of loyalty points when they scan their cards. The reason for this is to give High Spenders and more frequent customers extra loyalty points instead of your regular customers. You can also award Loyalty Points on Customer spend.

There is three levels of Loyalty Points. The standard one is that every time they swipe their cards they get loyalty points and say when they reach 4 points they get rewarded and the counter is reset and it starts again. However, the second level could be set for a different higher amount and when they reach that, they get a bigger loyalty bonus. The same applies for the third level, which would have a much higher amount.

The Loyalty Voucher is printed by the Voucher Redemption Printer when the set loyalty points have been reached. The Loyalty Voucher text can be edited within the programme to state what the Loyalty Bonus is. This can also be done for the other two Loyalty levels.

The system has full reporting of all Loyalty Vouchers issued on a daily basis. You can also see in every Members file all Loyalty Vouchers issued. You can also get reports of what times, Membership types, what venue, etc, on a daily basis

When a Member scans their card, they are awarded loyalty points. The screen displays how many loyalty points they have accumulated since they last got a Loyalty Bonus and if requested, the Operator can inform them of this and tell them how many points they have to earn to get their next Loyalty Bonus.

To stop the Loyalty Card being abused, the system can be set to only allow the card to accumulate points once in 24 hours or if so desired, it can be set to award loyalty points on every visit within 24 hours.

If a Member arrives without their card, you can award them points by entering their mobile phone number or name or Date of Birth.

Every Member on entering scans their Membership Card and their photo appears on the computer screen to see if that is the person you enrolled. If the Member does not have their card with them, you can admit them by either entering their mobile phone number or their name or Date of Birth.

Enrol Members by scanning a Membership card which you give them after entering their details. They are now a Member. You can also take their photograph and also scan in their I.D. This is essential for Private Members Clubs.

You can bar a Member if so desired. The date they were barred will be automatically put on their file and who did it. You can at a later stage remove the bar and reinstate them as a Member. The system will automatically put the date on their file when they were reinstated and who did it.

The system has full reporting on a daily basis of which Members entered your premises. You can also see in a Members file what days they visited. You can also get reports of what times, Membership types, what venue, etc, on a daily basis. You can print out their photograph and their I.D. if so desired. You can also get a current report of all Members barred by date.

When a Member scans their card, the screen displays their photo and their details to verify if they are a Member. If they are banned, the screen will flash "BANNED".

If you have multi venues you can enrol customers at any venue. Once a customer is enrolled they cannot enrol at a different venue.

Send your customers SMS Text Messages about your latest offers, promotions, events etc.

Personalised SMS TEXT Messages:
Personalise messages by title; first name; surname or category.

Delayed SMS TEXT Message Sending:
Delay sending messages for up to seven days.

Birthday Club:
Reward your customers on their birthday. Send them a Personalised SMS Text Birthday Greeting with an offer or gift.

Personalised Senders Name:
Instead of a number at the top of the text message, personalise it with the name of your premises/venue and change it yourself very simply at any time.

Privacy of your data is critical so all data is stored securely on your own computer or your network with access being restricted to password authorised users only.

Import all your contacts from either a CSV file or an Excel spreadsheet, saving duplication of data entry.

Automatically back up data to your network or to an external backup device of your choice.

This is included in the package.

SMS Texter MemLoy
SMS Texter MemLoy
SMS Texter MemLoy
SMS Texter MemLoy
SMS Texter MemLoy



"Abbeycrest's new loyalty/membership/id system is extremely beneficial to us. Our customer benefits from getting loyalty points per visit and it is a great way of encouraging customer's to come back"

Joe Devito
Funplace Arklow & Wexford


"Since we installed the system we have found it a great way of giving something back to the customer for their loyalty, which you now have to do in these times. You can also give your higher spending customers more loyalty points to reward them more. Compared to more traditional expensive player tracking systems, this has to be the seriously cheaper alternative!"

Damien McCoy
Ardee Leisure


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