Admission & Cloakroom Ticketing System

coatcheck one: cloakroom & entry ticket system

Brand new Ticketing System offers new options, a stylish design combined with a small footprint at a low price. Get More, pay less!!
  • Cloakroom, Luggage, Entry or Concert Tickets with additional Voucher facility
  • One button printer
  • Your logo printed on the tickets
  • Sales & Cash control. X, Z reports
  • Full daily sequential numbered Z Reports
  • Body Count keeps track of customers admitted
  • Optional Grand Total Reports available
  • Full programming and Ticket Editing from your PC
  • 12 Month Manufacturer's warranty


coatcheck extra: cloakroom & entry ticket system

Same features as Coatcheck One but with a five button keypad for five different price options and/or different categories and/or different Entry/Concert Tickets


g-entry & q-robe: complete ticketing system

Ticketing solution for both entry & cloakroom use.
Prints entry tickets, concert tickets, wristbands and cloakroom tickets with company logo's and controls cash.
15 keys can be individually programmed with text and prices.
Extensive statistics and reports include X, Z, monthly, annual and auditing reports. Tickets may be sequentially numbered, if required. Compulsory cash declaration.
Body count keeps track of customers admitted.


Coatcheck One
Coatcheck Extra
Q Entry & Q Robe


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